From 06/02/2021 all Mysikt uploads will follow a new metadata style, a template of this new style can be found below:

[Track] ~ [Version] | [Game] Music
Developed by:
Ripped by:
[game] Music:
[similar game/sequel] Music:
[similar game/sequel] Music:
[description tagline]

The "playlists" section will be handled internally, but for unripped games any requests for featured playlists can be added in the "Notes" section of the form.

IMPORTANT: SiIva style mix or version names are not to be used, all dupe rips are to use more relevant version names.

For example, Gym (Beta Mix) - Pokemon Black and White is not an acceptable title, Gym ~ Black City | Pokémon Black & White Music would be preferred.
Examples of this can be found on the channel.

Note that if your rip uses an recognized different format, such as an autogenerated YouTube music format, most of this does not apply. For advice on specific alternative formats, ask a team member in the fanserver.